Right On, Bill!

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Right On, Bill!

Via Think Progress
O’Reilly is picking fights again…
This guy, Don Cheadle, we invited him on to talk about Darfur. He had a headache. His elbow hurt. He couldn’t do it, you know. And as you said, he’s got a movie out now, so he’s running around. I think Cheadle’s a phony. … And you know, I just don’t want these stars to be getting all this good publicity using people.
Finally! Someone cracks down on that vast racket of publicity-seekers trying to “use” the people in Darfur by calling attention to the fact that they’re being mass-murdered. Because there really are too many people talking about Darfur, really. (For his part, O’Reilly has uttered the word ‘Darfur’ just twice in the history of his show.)
Like I always say: "Why won't celebrities just shut up about Darfur!"

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