A Little Reverse Psychology?

Friday, October 20, 2006

A Little Reverse Psychology?

Or are they trying to make Karl Rove crap his pants?
Conservative voters likely to stay home
The Washington Times

The Republican Party can stave off defeat with a strong turnout on Nov. 7, party leaders are telling the faithful -- but they are finding it tough to sell that message to some disillusioned conservative voters.
A top Republican pollster confidentially echoed those sentiments.

"There are very definitely trouble signs in many states of what we call the 'LRs' -- the lethargic Republicans," said the pollster, who agreed to speak on the condition of anonymity. "They are unhappy with the president and have little love lost for Congress."
It may already be too late to reach many conservative voters, said one alumnus of the 1994 "Republican Revolution" that swept the party to its first House majority in 40 years.

"I sense that conservatives have largely already tuned out to the coming elections, after six years of burgeoning federal spending and inaction on key issues, such as immigration," said former Georgia Rep. Bob Barr.

"The Republican Party has become the party of the government status quo," he said, "and conservatives see no reason to reward it with their votes."
I know we've all heard this before, most of the time it's just right-wing saber-rattling, their way of sending a message to the GOP to not take them for granted and/or give them what they want. Usually it's expressed as anger, although this time around it sounds more like ennui.

Then again, it's also quite possible that this is their way of repackaging and recycling their favorite campaign tactic-- fear. If they can't woo their base they'll scare them into the voting booth.

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