Monday, January 25, 2010

Sarah & Vinnie Suspended - The Real Answer is...

The suspension of Sarah and Vinnie from Alice 97.3 Radio Show has brought listeners at an awe. Why? The Radio general manager issued an apology because Vinnie allegedly issued a negative statement against gays last Friday in their secret show. That is why Sarah and Vinnie got suspended.

Also there were many complaints issued particularly to Vinnie because he always make uncouth remarks that offended many radio listeners. So there! I hope the Sarah and Vinnie apology was more profound than cheesy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Kelly Kulick Tops PBA Tournament of Champions

No one would expect that Kelly Kulick will emerge as the top dog in the recently concluded Professional Bowlers Association (PBA) Tournament of Champions in Las Vegas today. As we all know, Kelly is a well-known as a professional woman bowler who managed to get former PBA Champion Chris Barnes to his knees. Not only that, Kelly Kulick also dominated over No. 3 ranked Mika Koivuniemi.
Kelly Kulick News - Kelly Kulick Wins PBA Tournament

Thursday, January 21, 2010

American Idol 2010 Spoilers - Top 24 Contestants in Photos

Everybody's itching to know who's gonna be the American Idol 2010 Top 24 contestants who'll shine in the Hollywood round. Although nothing is still sure about who's already qualified for the American Idol 9 Top 24, websites and AI fanatics have already dug deep into qualifying the creme de la creme of this year's batch of aspiring singers.
American Idol 9 Top 24 Finalists Photos
Did your favorites make it? My current favorite is John Park of American Idol Chicago audition. He's the Korean guy who gave Shania Twain the giggles. How about you? Are your bets in the Top 24 for this season?

And what about Eurovision, the European version of Idol? Are your wagers in?

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hong Kong Acid Attack 30 Injured

Another spate of acid attack in Hong Kong has placed many people cautious in roaming the streets there. Investigations are now underway as a yet to be identified man in his 30s splattered two bottles of sulfuric acid to passersby in the busy Temple Street, a favorite haunt of both tourists and local for its outdoor market and shops.
Hong Kong Acid Attack 30 Injured

Friday, January 08, 2010

Jim Leavitt Fired

It's a shocking news today - Jim Leavitt Fired! Yes, the current University of South Florida (USF) football coach got his leaving papers after he allegedly hit one of his players while Jim was reprimanding him. In an interview, Leavitt is said to be flabbergasted at the University's decision saying that he's "disappointed" because the accusations against him were false and unfounded.
Jim Leavitt Fired

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bush Plays Limbo

How low can you go? How low can you go?

Looks like he touched the pole at...

22% approval and 72% disapproval.

Think he'll hit the teens before the moving truck pulls away from the White House?

Friday, October 24, 2008

Ashley Todd is not our "October Surprise"

All day long as this story unfolded I was heartsick. This story felt very personal from the first moment I heard about it yesterday because I am a Pittsburgher. The story might be a hoax but the street corner and the neighborhood and the sick racial-sexual game she was playing was very real. Scary real.

Imagine how you'd feel if this happened in your own backyard? In a city that you love and that you're proud of, a city that you recently moved back to and have a lot of hope for its future as a widely unrecognized gem?

I was deeply concerned that this was the exact kind of incident that could have serious unintended(?) consequences-- stoking racial tensions that exist in MOST cities on some level or another. It was such a viseral story, the cutting and branding of one's face. Later on she added that he molested her as well. It was such an awful racist archtype, reaching into history to conjure up a story that in another time would have gotten innocent black men lynched in retaliation. The victimization of a white woman at the hands of an angry, terrifying black man.

I know the so-called racism of western PA has been put in the national spotlight. I'm not denying that it DOES exist, however I see more interracial families here than I've seen in any other city that I've lived in. I've lived in a lot of other cities-- DC, Boston, Chicago, San Fransisco-- and Pittsburgh actually has less racial division than I've seen anywhere else.

As a Pittsburgher I am deeply OUTRAGED that she did tried to do this to us. I've been thinking a lot about what I would say to her if I could sit down with her. I would ask her if she understood the ugly, divisive history that she tapped into and ask her how she would have felt if her "attack" had driven other people to commit acts of violence against innocent people? Or that she tried to influence the election by creating an imaginary black man as a stand-in for the threat that some white people see that Obama poses to America?

I'm extremely appreciative of the Pittsburgh police for their speed and proficiency at getting to the truth of the story. Imagine if the investigation had lingered for days? a week? What if they hadn't uncovered the hoax until after the election? What might have transpired in that time? How would that have played out on the national stage? Imagine the McCain campaign ads. The mind reels.

So it's very hard to have too much pity for her considering what she tried to do-- it literally turns my stomach and makes my eyes burn. I just hope that she can learn from what she did, that she understands that in her attempt to fake a hate crime that she committed a hate crime against Pittsburgh itself.

Update: As of now there are over 1,400 stories about "ashley todd pittsburgh" in the news all over the world. Nice going, Ashley, you're an international celebrity! You may very well be the final push that helps a lot of fencesitters make a choice-- that they don't want anything to do with such a dirty campaign. Yes, I mean the McCain campaign because the McCain campaign has been caught pushing this story into the news yesterday before any of its facts were verified.
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