The Republican Nanny State

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The Republican Nanny State

I don't normally post stuff about myself on the blog, but this has me so pissed off that I simply cannot help myself.

My wife and I have been married for over four years and long ago decided that we do not want to have children. As such, we decided that it was wise for me to get a vasectomy. I was more than willing to do so and, after getting a referral from my doctor, made an appointment for a consultation with a urologist/surgeon who is going to perform the procedure.

All went well until the end, when I was informed that under Virginia law, I was required to wait one month to have the vasectomy because I did not already have children and then had to sign a waiver stating that I was now aware that I could not have the procedure for at least 30 days.

I finally managed to track down the law and here it is
54.1-2974. Sterilization operations for persons eighteen years or older capable of informed consent.

It shall be lawful for any physician licensed by the Board of Medicine to perform a vasectomy, salpingectomy, or other surgical sexual sterilization procedure on any person eighteen years of age or older, who has the capacity to give informed consent, when so requested in writing by such person. Prior to or at the time of such request, a full, reasonable, and comprehensible medical explanation as to the meaning and consequences of such an operation and as to alternative methods of contraception shall be given by the physician to the person requesting the operation. No such operation shall be performed prior to thirty days from the date of the written request therefore upon a person who has not previously become the natural or adoptive parent of a child.
It is not like my wife and I made this decision on a whim, so why does the state of Virginia feel it has any right to force me to wait one month in order to rethink our decision not to have children?

But if you want to know the thinking behind this sort of law, just read this piece from Al Mohler, President of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
But the fact remains that though childlessness may be made possible by the contraceptive revolution, it remains a form of rebellion against God's design and order.

Couples are not given the option of chosen childlessness in the biblical revelation. To the contrary, we are commanded to receive children with joy as God's gifts, and to raise them in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We are to find many of our deepest joys and satisfactions in the raising of children within the context of the family. Those who reject children want to have the joys of sex and marital companionship without the responsibilities of parenthood. They rely on others to produce and sustain the generations to come.


Willful barrenness and chosen childlessness must be named as moral rebellion. To demand that marriage means sex--but not children--is to defraud the creator of His joy and pleasure in seeing the saints raising His children. That is just the way it is. No kidding.
The "culture of life" is now mandatory.

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