Playing the Refs?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Playing the Refs?

After watching Palin's speech-- surprise, surprise-- she's taking on the "press" for attacking her and her family.

Nice new strategy there, let's declare a pre-emptive war on the press for asking basic questions about who she is, her background and McCain's vetting process. That also serves an additional purpose --it could work to minimize the negative reports from Alaska about her record of trying to ban books, firing anyone who gets in her way, as well as a reputation for being "brittle." Apparently being a "maverick" means you doing whatever the hell you want and getting pissed when someone questions you about it.

I really hope that is something they keep up-- it makes them look weak and certainly won't help them get them kind treatment from the press. I always worried that the press's deep affection for McCain "the Maverick" would hurt Obama-- looks like they might be getting ready to trash that relationship by playing the "victim card." Ironic, eh?

Well, unless the press then bends over backwards to try and make McCain/Palin feel like they're being treated "fairly" by the "liberal media." Although Chris Matthews-- who usually bugs me-- just had a nice rant about how she's attacking the press for doing its job. Matthews just accused McCain/Palin of "ginning up" this fight to garner sympathy and fight back against questions about Palin.

So not only are they attacking the Dems as elitists but now they're going after the whole "Washington elitist establishment." I know this has worked in the past, let's see if it works again.

Just an aside, it's nothing short of HILARIOUS to see Mittens Romney attack the "east coast elite." I suppose he forgot that he was the governor of MASSACHUSETTS or that he has an MBA/JD from Harvard. I think it's funny that in their attempt to appeal to "regular people" they are attacking the educated, successful republicans in their own party.

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