Palin-- The GOP Swoons After the First Date

Friday, September 05, 2008

Palin-- The GOP Swoons After the First Date

The GOP just had their first date with Sarah Palin and they are SWOONING. So much that they seem to be happy to ignore all the red flags-- you know, like the fact that she's currently under investigation for ethics violations and has not been cleared of them. (Imagine if Obama or Biden had this hanging over their heads?) On top of that she's seriously monkeying around with the investigation, refusing to cooperate while saying that they're happy to do so.
The only person I'm finding surprisingly honest about his "anxiety" about her selection is none other than David Frum. Although he represents the more wonky wing of the GOP-- not to mention a member of the arugla-eating, latte-drinking "elite" crowd is sounding like someone who feels like his party is officially being taken over by people whom he doesn't admire very much-- namely, the religious right.

I think Palin might actually scare me more than John McCain does. So far what has come out since the annoucement is a lot of pretty bad stuff. Although the more I read the more they do sound like "soul mates." Palin has been described as "brittle" and McCain's temper is infamous. They both seem to define "maverick" the same way-- tough, uncompromising, intolerant of opposing views, and quick to judgement.

Also, just saw an interview with Mike Wooton and Walter Monegan on "Anderson Cooper 360. " At first blush it appears that their stories seem pretty credible and Wooton in particular says he's only granting an interview this time so he can set the record straight.

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