The Right's Global-Warming Denial

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Right's Global-Warming Denial

It's as stubborn as ever. Consider this National Review column by Thomas Sowell, who writes:

Whether the globe really is warming is a question about facts — and about where those facts are measured ...

Yes, Virginia, there are skeptics about global warming among scientists who study weather and climate. There are arguments both ways — which is why so many in politics and in the media are so busy selling the notion that there is no argument.

If you heard both arguments, you might not be so willing to go along with those who are prepared to ruin the economy, sacrificing jobs and the national standard of living on the altar to the latest in an unending series of crusades, conducted by politicians and other people seeking to tell everyone else how to live.

This is my favorite part:
What about all those scientists mentioned, cited, or quoted by global-warming crusaders? There are all kinds of scientists, from chemists to nuclear physicists to people who study insects, volcanoes, and endocrine glands — none of whom is an expert on weather or climate ....
Y'mean, people like him? Sowell is a Hoover-based economist who, to my knowledge, has no special training or expertise in climate change or the earth sciences in general.

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