A Nice Piece of Candor

Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Nice Piece of Candor

The political-diplomatic world is laden with verbal nuance and emptiness. And that's why I appreciate the words spoken yesterday by the foreign minister of Chad. Both Chad and the Central African Republic have accused Sudan of attacking their nations. From Reuters:
Violence in Sudan's western region of Darfur has spilled over into neighboring Chad and Central African Republic, both of which blame Khartoum for the attacks.

A source close to French President Jacques Chirac said the three countries' presidents were likely to meet at a French-African summit in the French seaside resort of Cannes.

"This same meeting is useless because it is aimed at distracting international public opinion and moving it away from the real problem, which is that Sudan is attacking Chad," said Chad's Foreign Minister Ahmat Allam-Mi. "We are not in Cannes to entertain the crowd."
If it's entertainment they want, they can always attend the city's film festival.

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