Obama and Black Voters

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Obama and Black Voters

At Slate.com, Mickey Kaus writes:
I wanted to write an item a few weeks ago predicting — after Stanley Crouch wrote a widely-derided Barack's-not-black-like-me column — that Obama would in fact have trouble appealing to many African-Americans in the primaries because he's not a "native" African American who can trace his roots through slavery, the South, emancipation, Jim Crow, civil rights, etc. He's an African African American. His family journey from Kenya to Harvard was recent and shortcutted a lot of American black culture and politics.

... I got zero positive feedback for this thought from my friends and dropped it. But there's at least some possible support for the theory ...
Kaus cites a recent ABC-Wash Post poll showing that Hillary Clinton does much better than Obama among black Democrats — 26 points better.

Kaus' column is here.

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