Juan Williams Gets It Wrong

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Juan Williams Gets It Wrong

It makes me wonder if Juan Williams has spent too much time working as a Fox News commentator when he is this wrong about the facts. This was one of the questions that Williams asked President Bush during his exclusive interview with President Bush yesterday:
WILLIAMS: "One last thing, Mr. President, with the Democrats. You asked the Democrats on a bipartisan basis to form an advisory council and monitor the war, work with you. They haven't responded at all. What do you take from that?"
Not true. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid responded promptly with a joint letter to Bush on Jan. 19.

Excerpts of the Pelosi-Reid letter:
We believe that Congress already has bipartisan structures in place, like the committee system and other Congressional working groups such as the Senate’s National Security Working Group, that could produce the result you described in your speech.

We look forward to working with you within these existing structures, in a bipartisan and fully consultative way, to make progress on efforts against terrorism and other important matters.

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