Cheney Gets Pregnant -- "Deliberately"

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cheney Gets Pregnant -- "Deliberately"

Much as Zoe predicted, religious conservatives are not exactly thrilled with news that Mary Cheney, the vice president's lesbian daughter, is pregnant. According to CNN:

Janice Crouse of Concerned Women for America described the pregnancy as "unconscionable."

"It's very disappointing that a celebrity couple like this would deliberately bring into the world a child that will never have a father," said Crouse, a senior fellow at the group's think tank.

"They are encouraging people who don't have the advantages they have."

The word that jumps out in Crouse's quote is "deliberately." By using this word, Crouse states the obvious.

Anytime a same-sex couple has a child, it's deliberate. I'd prefer that to the thousands of couples — married or unmarried — who get pregnant because they ran out of condoms or someone stopped taking (or never took) birth control pills. Many of the couples who carry those unplanned pregnancies to term are not prepared financially or emotionally to care for those children.

But if you view gay people with the hostility that Crouse's organization does, then this colors everything. It means that you view a planned pregnancy by a committed, financially stable couple as "unconscionable."

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