Mother Mary

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Mother Mary

Looks like the Dick and Lynn are about to get a 6th grandchild-- Mary Cheney is pregnant via immaculate conception. Mary and Heather, her partner of 15 years, are going to be mommies come spring.

Snark aside, congrats, I wish them the best and applaud them for their bravery in facing the ensuing shitstorm from the "pro-family" wing of the GOP.

I do have one word of legal advice for the expecting mothers-- move to either DC or Maryland where Heather can have a second-parent adoption. No amount of money or power can get around this issue either, the child will legally be a stranger to Heather in Virginia, one of the states with the most hostile anti-gay laws in the country, brought to you by the good folks at God's Own Party.

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