The GOP's Robotic Candidates for Congress

Friday, September 01, 2006

The GOP's Robotic Candidates for Congress

From the Associated Press:
The answers were so good, Republican candidates wanted to use them as their own. The embarrassment was at least seven did.

Republicans in House races copied their party's talking points and included parts of the answers as their own for an AARP survey. The answers related to Medicare, Social Security, insurance plans and retirement.

Candidates in Georgia, Illinois, Iowa, South Carolina and Texas all submitted the sometimes word-for-word responses, which originated with the National Republican Congressional Committee.

... Some of the (congressional) campaigns also said they were happy to use the same talking points.

"Ralph has his own ideas, but we are lucky to have the NRCC's help during this campaign because it's more evidence that Ralph has what it takes to bring change to South Carolina and Washington,"said Rob Godfrey, communications director for Republican Ralph Norman's campaign.
When part of your comment is to reassure the public that your candidate really does have "his own ideas," that kind of says it all.

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