The Sound of Crickets

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Sound of Crickets

I am about to spend a week with unpredictable internet access so it is doubtful that I will blog much at all from now until after Labor Day Weekend.

At least I have a pretty good excuse-- my dear wife and I are closing on a wonderful house in Pennsylvania tomorrow and spending the week unpacking and settling in. (Wheee!) In a few weeks I will officially exchange my tinfoil DC-blogger hat in for a shiny new Pittsburgh-blogger cap, made of steel of course.

This plan-- to return home and live near family-- has in the hopper for 2+ years, so I'm very excited that it is finally coming along. Big bonus, I'll be there in time to watch the Santorum-Casey race from the ground, at the end, just as it gets really dirty interesting. Naturally of my highest priorities next week is getting my driver's license and registering to vote. (You can take the girl out of politics but you can't take the politics out of the girl.)


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