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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

The More I Read...

The more disgusted I am that Lieberman's rhetoric about his loss. Even in defeat it appears that Lieberman is doing the GOP's dirty work for them.

Lieberman, conservatives and the GOP are eagerly asserting that this is a clear sign that the Democratic Party is being taken over by "antiwar liberals." The only difference is that right-wingers prefer to use more pejorative language, such as Incumbent Tumble Lets the Nuts In and "Lamont and his supporters believe America deserves defeat" and "A Lieberman loss would indicate the far left has indeed seized control of the Democrat Party.".

I think the only person that seems to get it right is independent pollster Scott Rasmussen.
Ned Lamont’s victory over Joe Lieberman raises more questions than it answers.
Not to mention that another controversial incumbent lost yesterday, only it was an outspoken, staunch anti-Bush, anti-war congresswoman. Yet nobody is saying that her loss is a resounding rebuke to the antiwar movement-- she too lost the support of her constituents because of her controversial views.

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