Guillen's Sensitivity Training

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Guillen's Sensitivity Training

I've never been a huge fan of what passes as "sensitivity training." For starters, I believe it's pretty tough to fundamentally change the attitudes of most adults who are over the age of 30 or 35. I've also suspected that many of those who go through this kind of training are just going through the motions and doing this because they think it will take the heat off of them.

Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen appears to have validated this suspicion. After calling Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jay Mariotti a "fucking fag," Guillen was ordered by Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig to undergo sensitivity training.

After a two-hour session with a counselor, these are some of Guillen's observations:
"I'm glad I did it. I'm glad it's over with and a lot of people will be real excited to hear that Ozzie finally got punished and did what he was supposed to do."

"There are a lot of things you cannot say about anybody, even when you want to say them." (emphasis added)
Yes, I suppose it's better that someone doesn't use offensive terms even if he wants to use them. But how much money did Major League Baseball spend on "sensitivity training" just to convey that message to Guillen?

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