Something Tells Me This Doesn't Raise Much $$$

Monday, April 17, 2006

Something Tells Me This Doesn't Raise Much $$$

At, Debora Vrana writes:
... taxes can be as wacky and as quirky as the character of each state. The local taxes can reflect what is important to residents and what activities residents may hope to curb.

"Some of these are humorous and some probably don’t bring in much revenue,” said Lily Batchelder, an assistant professor at New York University who specializes in taxes and social policy.
One example:
Last year, Tennessee became the latest of more than 20 states to tax illegal drugs. Under the law, when you acquire an illegal drug, you have 48 hours to report to the state and pay your tax, although you aren't required to identify yourself. Once you've paid, you’ll receive stamps to put on your illegal substance to show evidence you paid the tax. You don’t have to identify yourself to pay the tax.
Question: if you don't identify yourself or at least identify your mailing address, how could the state send you the stamps you're required to place on your "illegal substance"?

Self-identification may not be required, but it seems pretty obvious that the State of Tennessee is hoping that some dumb, high-as-a-kite persons will contact the state and then identify themselves. Talk about a Darwinian moment.

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