Hammertime Comes to an End

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hammertime Comes to an End

Tom DeLay is resigning.

No more World's Biggest Asshole*?

WBA's official reason? He doesn't want to put his district through a nasty fight, he's also afraid he might lose his seat and that he's hurting the party, so he's taking one for the team. This coming from the "Hammer." Hmmm. He just won his primary, has $3 million in his campaign coffers, and as of a few weeks ago was acting like he was gearing for a showdown in November. Do you think there is something he's not telling us?

The Time reporter who broke the story just said on CNN that DeLay's well-received speech at the "War Against Christians" conference last week "crystallized" his decision to step down. Additionally, even as the WBA is resigning he's pretending that it's because he's the victim of some kind of vast anti-Christian, liberal conspiracy. (Right, because Michael Scanlon and Tony Rudy were liberal plants.) I have to admit that I'm impressed with his ability to feel oppressed and persecuted despite the fact that he was one of the most powerful, most feared politicians in the country for many years.

Oh, Tom. You can't even make a graceful exit-- an asshole to the bitter end.

*Nickname coined by Eugene on 10-24-03.

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