Democratic Agenda Item #22b

Monday, April 10, 2006

Democratic Agenda Item #22b

Tired of presidential elections resting entirely on the unfairly weighted votes of people in Florida and Ohio? Want to make all the votes in all the states count? Then support the movment to abolish the electoral college via state legislatures.

It would be interesting to see how many more people *might* vote if they felt that every vote counted exactly the same. One would also think that "swing state" voters are pretty fed up with getting bombarded with campaign ads and that other states, like almost the entirety of New England, are sick of being ignored and neglected every election. It would be a worthwhile experiement and would make for a very interesting, totally unconventional 2008. How liberating would that be?

Oh, wait, guess who is against it? The very people who have been consistently losing the popular vote but winning elections by exploiting the hell out of the inequities created by the electoral college. What are they afraid of, a level playing field?

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