Who's the Elitist?

Monday, March 27, 2006

Who's the Elitist?

Last week, several bloggers criticized Tapped's Garance Franke-Ruta over the issue of proposed regulations that would affect blogs. In this post Franke-Ruta seemed to do a good job of swatting away one blogger's charge that Franke-Ruta is an "elitist":
Note to self: never pick a fight with the 24-7 bloggers when your own site is about to go dark for the weekend. I see I am once again being attacked for suggesting something I never said about the highly charged subject of regulating online political activity.

... As for Matt Stoller, who for some unfathomable reason has decided that calling me "elitist" -- and, dude, you know I'm on the list-serve where you focus-group these things, right? -- is the proper approach to intimindating me into bloggy solicitude, I'd happily put my G.E.D. from the state of New Mexico up against your prep school education at St. Paul's anyday if you want to measure what it means to be a member of the American elite.

As for college, we both went to Harvard, so I don't really see that charges of elitism fly .... Nor ought concern for regulation to be considered "an elitish fetish." Regulation has been at the heart of progressivism since early in the last century ...

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