Revelations Like This Are No Longer Shocking

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Revelations Like This Are No Longer Shocking

According to NBC News:

President Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair were officially on a diplomatic track regarding Iraq in January 2003, but a secret memo now reveals they were determined to go to war six weeks before invading.

Taking notes at the meeting that day (Jan. 31, 2003) in the Oval Office, Blair's National Security Adviser David Manning, now Great Britain's ambassador in Washington. .... Manning wrote that the president had decided on war no matter what happened diplomatically, or whether inspectors found weapons of mass destruction.

... According to the memo, Bush and Blair also predicted a quick victory and vastly underestimated the challenge of creating a new government. .... Bush said it was "unlikely there would be internecine warfare between the different religious and ethnic groups." Blair agreed.
And this tidbit speaks volumes about Bush's respect (or lack thereof) for the United Nations:
The memo also said the president talked about painting an American spy plane to look like a U.N. aircraft, hoping to provoke Saddam Hussein into firing and justify going to war.
These notes indicate that our president sought war. He actually sought it. I should be shocked by this, but I'm no longer shocked by the picture that has emerged of the pre-war maneuvering. Disgusted? Yes. Shocked? No.

And Bush is still shameless enough to travel around the country wearing an American flag pinned to his suit lapel. As if he gives a damn about the core values that flag is supposed to stand for.

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