Where Else, But Kansas

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Where Else, But Kansas

(News item: The Kansas Board of Education voted 6-4 Wednesday to restrict access to sex education courses in public schools, limiting participation only to students whose parents "opt in" by signing an official form. It kind of makes you wonder what's next.)

Are Your Children Being Exposed
To Participles And Gerunds?

As unsettling as this thought may be, the answer is "yes." Unbenownst to their parents, thousands of children who attend public schools in Kansas are actually learning about participles and gerunds -- some of them as early as the 7th or 8th grades!

If we allow this "cancer" to grow, who knows what's next? Soon, elementary school children might be exposed to sensory verbs. Middle school students might be asked to diagram sentences in full view of other students. And you know what they say: "Children who learn about insubordinate clauses soon become insubordinate."

We believe that it's up to parents to decide when or if to expose their children to these controversial aspects of English. If you agree, make your voice heard today by contacting Steve Abrams, chairman of the Kansas Board of Education today. Tell him to put control back in the hands of parents by making English an opt-in class.

Call the Board of Education Now!
Steve Abrams, Chairman
Kansas Board of Education
Phone: (620) 442-7960

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