Nice Work If You Can Get It

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Nice Work If You Can Get It

As Mel Brooks would say, "it's good to be the King" -- and it ain't half bad to be the King's wife. From today's Washington Post:
For more than a year, Maryland first lady Kendel S. Ehrlich has been executive producer and star of a largely unnoticed half-hour television talk show about drug and alcohol abuse.

Comcast Cable Communications Inc. paid her an undisclosed sum to host 16 episodes of "Live Right: Straight Talk on Substance Abuse," which can be seen only in the cable provider's on-demand library.

... Comcast, the state's dominant cable provider with more than 1 million subscribers ... has repeatedly given work to prominent public officials, their relatives or their friends.
I wish someone would pay me money to host a TV program that almost no one watches. But, then again, I'm not a governor's spouse.

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