A Little Irony Goes a Long Way

Monday, February 27, 2006

A Little Irony Goes a Long Way

Seen recently on the ABC News website:
Mormons Not Laughing About Polygamy Comedy 'Big Love'

Feb. 23, 2006 — HBO is taking a big gamble with its new comedy series "Big Love" about the trials and tribulations of a Viagra-popping polygamist and his three wives in suburban America.

The buzzed-about series, produced by Tom Hanks, is set to debut on March 12 after the megahit series "The Sopranos." But the risque show is already riling many Mormons, who say that it dredges up old stereotypes about the religion, which banned polygamy more than 100 years ago.
Adjacent to this story, on the left side of the screen page and under the heading of "Related Stories," was a link to this Associated Press story:
Polygamist Judge Ordered Off Utah Bench

SALT LAKE CITY, Feb 24, 2006 (AP)— A small-town judge with three wives was ordered removed from the bench by the Utah Supreme Court on Friday.

The court unanimously agreed with the findings of the state's Judicial Conduct Commission, which recommended the removal of Judge Walter Steed for violating the state's bigamy law.

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