Hammas Quickly Backpaddles

Monday, February 27, 2006

Hammas Quickly Backpaddles

Despite hopes that Hammas' recent electoral strength might force the group to play a more constructive role in working toward peace, what we're hearing so far seems all too retro -- and unproductive:
Hamas Prime Minister-designate Ismail Haniyeh says the group would agree to a long-term cease-fire with Israel, if it withdraws from all territory captured during the Six Day War in 1967.

... Mr. Haniyeh backed away from an interview he gave to The Washington Post, which quoted him as saying that Hamas would recognize Israel, and make "peace in stages," if it gave the Palestinians a state and their rights. That would include the so-called "right of return" - allowing millions of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to return to their former homes in Israel.

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