If this is true...

Friday, January 20, 2006

If this is true...

then this is going to be a very hard scandal for even the most ardent GOP apologist to explain away.

The question of the day is: were there daytraders operating inside Frist's and DeLay's offices? Rep. Louise Slaughter says there are.

The shady relationship between K Street and Wall Street is hardly anything new. But daytraders operating out of congressional offices?!? If anyone on the Hill is discovered to be sitting on or moving legislation and then using insider trading to make a profit it would be very bad indeed.

Is this finally a scandal that people can understand without having to pay too much attention? After all, that is the problem with so many of the GOP's scandals so far. They're too inside-baseball. But this one is *almost* as good as a stained blue dress, a dead girl or a live boy. It could grab the public's full attention.

Not that I'm getting my hopes up.

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