Gotta Chase That Growth

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Gotta Chase That Growth

No, this isn't a photo of CNBC's obnoxious, financial shock-jock Jim Cramer. But this image of the infamous Mr. Potter -- portrayed by Lionel Barrymore in this famous 1946 film -- was what came to mind after I watched Cramer Thursday night dishing out stock-buying advice on his show "Mad Money."

Cramer told viewers that they "can't have any qualms" about buying any company's stock, regardless of how "repugnant" they find the company's products or business practices. After offering this axiom, Cramer proceeded to recommend Portfolio Recovery Associates, a tech-savvy collection agency. For good measure, Cramer reiterated his earlier point:
"We've got to chase growth even if we don't like where it comes from."
We do? I must have missed that memo.

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