GOP Seeks Lobbying Reform Leader

Thursday, January 05, 2006

GOP Seeks Lobbying Reform Leader

If the GOP were to place a want ad for a lobbying reform leader it would go something like this:
WANTED: A hungry fox to guard a henhouse full of legless, narcoleptic chickens. Top pay, no supervision. Set your own hours.
It's what popped into my mind after I read this from Byron York, by way of Pandagon.
“Republican leaders in the Senate have had a plan in place for the last two months to "get ahead of" the Jack Abramoff scandal by coming up with a new proposal for lobbying reform. The leadership "decided in November that lobby reform for the Senate was a priority for this session," and Majority Leader Bill Frist placed Pennsylvania Republican Senator Rick Santorum in charge of it, Senate sources tell National Review Online.”
Why Rick Santorum? Wasn't Tom DeLay available? C'mon now, for pete's sake Rick Santorum is running the bloody K Street Project. (By the way, the K Street Project's description of itself is h-i-l-a-r-i-o-u-s. Non-partisan my ass.)

Today's Republican leadership never fails to surprise me with their naked arrogance no matter how many times I think I can't be surprised anymore. It's really quite a unique talent.

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