War Profiteering

Thursday, December 08, 2005

War Profiteering

There's a war going on! Make sure you show everyone you support it with your "It's OK To Say Merry Christmas" and "Boycott the Holidays, Merry Christmas!" bumper stickers-- get them while they're hot! And if you feel really strongly about the War on Christmas are also t-shirts; "Say 'Merry Christmas' or I'll Pitch a Fit in Your Store!" for the mall or "If You Don't Celebrate Christmas You Hate America" for you to wear at your office "holiday" party. My personal favorite is a button I saw on the metro the other day: "Say 'Merry Christmas' or Else! (Else is the name of my gun)" So many ways to say Happy Birthday to Jesus!

One last time-- there is no war/attack/conspriacy against Christmas. For 6 weeks out of the year you can't escape Christmas if you wanted to, Christmas-themed decorations are on anything and everything that isn't moving. (Even some things that are, like cars or dogs.) If I were to decide that I wouldn't step foot in any building that had Christmas decorations inside I wouldn't even be able to eat, shop or go to work. (20 foot Christmas tree in the lobby went up the 1st week of December.)

Calling it "holiday" instead of "Christmas" is supposed to be a nice sentiment, it's about not presuming that everyone celebrates Christmas because not everybody does. Leave it up to some domineering, rude Christians to come up with an imaginary war to feel persecuted over and complain about. Isn't this this time of year people are supposed to be nice to each other or something? The biggest irony about the whole "War on Christmas" farce is that there is a *real* war going on. You know, the kind of war with actual casaulties. Instead of waging war over semantics why don't these people do something nice for people fighting in a real war? For starters, sending holiday care packages to soldiers in Iraq.

I don't hate Christmas but I'm increasingly looking forward to December 27th so we can put this "war" away with the perennial Christmas decorations. (I'm sure they'll bring it out again next year-- 'tis the season to make a profit.)

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