Demagogue of the Day

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Demagogue of the Day

By way of Pam at Pandagon we find what might just be the most ridiculous thing ever said about homosexuality/gay marriage. A stellar quote from Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network:
Many black pastors at [the Austin pro-Prop 8] gathering were especially hot on the issue, because they see homosexuality as one more ill devastating black America, just like abortion, drugs, and crime.

"We have to come to these things and raise a loud voice of concern and urgency,” said Pastor Ron O'Guinn, “that this is the new American genocide."
Ladies and gentlemen, we have our first known accusation that homosexuality and gay marriage are just like genocide. Apparently if Texas doesn't vote in favor of Prop 8 today-- making same-sex marraige nonlegal again-- then the genocide-loving homosexuals will have won.

Good thing folks like Pastor O'Guinn don't believe in genocide. I guess that means they're not coming for us queers...yet.

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