E Tu, Trent?

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

E Tu, Trent?

First Brownback, now Lott.
"I need to know a lot more about her, her experience and her level of competence and what is her philosophy. I really don't know this lady and I do think I owe it to my constituents and to my own conscience to do due diligence and find out actually who this person is," he said.

His first impression, however, was not a positive one.

"I don't just automatically salute or take a deep bow anytime a nominee is sent up," he said. "I have to find out who these people are, and right now, I'm not satisfied with what I know. I'm not comfortable with the nomination, so we'll just have to work through the process in due time."
Bush said "trust me" on Miers and many of the GOP seem to be saying "um, but we can't, Mr. Lame Duck with Hideous Poll Numbers. You don't seem to realize that your power is waning." The GOP seems to be losing its ability to follow in lockstep-- it is especially crucial that they are doing this over a SCOUTUS nominee.


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