Clinton v. Gore?

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Clinton v. Gore?

This would be very interesting.
AS Senator Hillary Clinton ratchets up her attacks on President Bush, some Democrats think they smell an explanation: the threat of a 2008 Al Gore presidential bid that could come at her from the left on Iraq.
The former vice president is suddenly re-emerging as a vocal and visible Bush-basher — he's slated to star at a Democratic National Committee fund-raiser for big donors in Washington next Tuesday.

"He's keeping a very strong public profile. He was the first major Democrat to oppose the Iraq war. He's keeping in touch around the country and doing a lot of speeches. You don't do all that if your goal is to play celebrity golf," says a Democratic fund-raiser.

A top Dem strategist adds: "Americans love comebacks and Gore could come back as a real human being instead of a wooden guy. He could come back as the new Nixon — somebody who went into the wilderness and found himself."
No wonder Dems are having trouble winning elections, our own strategists are calling Gore the "new Nixon." (pounding head on desk)

How do I feel about Gore running again? As big of a fan as I am of recycling, I do wish we could find some fresh faces. But if we don't I think Gore should run again. I like him about 10 times more than I ever liked Kerry and he already won once. If people wake up and decide they want someone who stands for good, reliable government, Gore might just kick ass. Maybe by the time 2008 comes around people will be looking for a smart, well-informed leader instead of a shallow, nationalistic cowboy. Maybe people will be yearning for a guy who reminds them of the Clinton years who isn't married to Clinton.

My only concern about Gore is this-- one would hope that he and his handlers would have learned something about the GOP Slime Machine so it won't just be a rehash of the same old bullshit from 2000. Yeah, I'm not holding my breath.

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