Ingrid & Durkje, Part II

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ingrid & Durkje, Part II

And a hearty welcome to folks who came here via Fleshbot, which linked to my recent post on the Dutch schoolteacher whose naked photos are in the April and May issues of Foxy, Holland's biggest "sex magazine." Juf Ingrid (this is what her students would call her, sort of like "Miss Ingrid" in this context) appeared with her "vriendin," Durkje. I put vriendin in quotes because my poor Dutch has left me a bit unclear on the facts. Vriendin can mean "female friend," but it can also mean "girlfriend," i.e., a romantic/sexual partner. If anyone's in the mood for a somewhat racier photo than the ones I linked to the other day that seems to support the latter connotation, knock yourselves out. On the other hand, the magazine has offered to take Ingrid, Durkje, and "their partners" to dinner, so maybe they're just friends. It'll have to stay vague for now.

So why post on them again? To show that Juf Ingrid really is a schoolteacher, and that her students might suffer if she were dismissed because of her indiscretion. Take a look at the photo of her first-graders in action from this post on a Dutch blog. So far as I understand the caption, the kids arrived at school to find Juf Ingrid holding the bucket against the wall. She had caught a bird that had been flying around the hallway. When her arm got tired, the kids got a stool and took over. Meanwhile, they were debating what to do. They couldn't find a cage. Eventually, they decided to release the bird so that they could recapture it and set it free outside.

But when they removed the bucket, nothing was there. As the caption says, the kids had forgotten that it was April 1.

As the principal of the school said, posing for the pictures wasn't a hanging offense.

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