A Dirty Job

Thursday, April 28, 2005

A Dirty Job

Somebody's got to do it. I assure you I take no pleasure in reporting on public controversies over photos in Dutch porn magazines.

Longtime (more than 5 months, that is) readers may remember Boobgate, which I consider the high point of my blogging career.

Now comes news of a schoolteacher in a village in Friesland, a province noted for cows, Calvinism, and a language spoken by a very small number of people. Which is what Holland as a whole is known for, so I guess the Frisians are ur-Dutchmen, the fact that they speak Dutch as a second language notwithstanding.

Anyway, this teacher, known only as Ingrid, went to an erotic fair (don't ask me what that is) with her friend Durkje--I think this is an echt Frisian name--and the two of them had the great idea of posing together nude for a photographer from Holland's biggest sex mag. The issue has sold out, and apparently subscriptions are taking off (no pun intended) in Friesland. Schoolkids are reportedly saving up to buy the magazine so they can check out their naked teacher. (No need for that, BTW, as some of the photos are available online).

Imagine for a moment that this happened in the U.S. Even in a blue-state, urban-liberal environment--say a New York public school--I'm guessing that the official response would be a little more severe than it has been here.

The director of the 't Holdersnêst school, Willem Wouda, revealed on Saturday that Ingrid had been advised to stay home for a week while the storm raged around her.

She will remain at home until the media attention fades....

Parents of the school pupils were recently informed about the photos, but the school has ruled out taking disciplinary action against the teacher.

Admitting it was a very uncomfortable matter, Wouda said "as a teacher, you set an example, but this is of course not a hanging offence"....

As a form of thanks for the free publicity, the magazine's editors have decided to take Ingrid and Durkje and their partners out to dinner.

"They've earned that," Muller [the editor] said.

I seem to remember, a long time ago, that Feddie challenged us in comments to name the song that included the lyric: "I don't feel tardy." I consider it evidence of a well-spent youth that I knew the answer: Van Halen's (another Dutchman!) "Hot for Teacher."

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