The Weather Underground

Monday, April 18, 2005

The Weather Underground

We are all aware of the Right's incessant crusade to bully various elements of our society into supporting its agenda (or at least silencing criticism of it.) The Right has gone after judges, the media, higher education and pretty much everything else as it attempts to silence differing viewpoints. But now that all the high-profile targets have been taken out, we learn via Loaded Mouth that the Right has turned its attention to that last bastion of subversive liberalism - the Weather Channel
Proclaiming itself as the "pre-eminent provider of weather information," The Weather Channel may appear politically passive and objective to most of its viewers.

Yet, the network has become an aggressive force in the battle against "global warming," even sending its sole climatologist to a recent Capitol Hill news conference to defend the science behind the climate change theory and to promote economic solutions to the problem.

The Weather Channel (TWC), which boasts on its website that it "understands and cares about the connection between weather and people's lives," also served as a consultant and allowed the use of its name and logo in the 2004 "global warming" disaster film, "The Day After Tomorrow." That's the same film that was heavily hyped by former Democratic Vice President Al Gore and the liberal group

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