Principle No. 1

Monday, April 18, 2005

Principle No. 1

Earlier, Frederick noted Sen. Chuck Hagel's pledge to support John Bolton despite the fact that Bolton possess none of the qualities Hagel thinks are important in a UN ambassador.

On the same note, Sen. Richard Lugar was on Fox News Sunday and asked about the GOP's looming attempt to go nuclear on judicial nominations
I still believe there are may be voices of reason in the Senate who are able to counsel together and to understand that filibusters on occasion are very important to support the rights of minorities so that there is not simply an overwhelming surge.


I appreciate since the election of 2000, when we had a 50-50 Senate, this has been a rough time and suggestions may be on the part of both parties filibustering almost any agenda they didn't like have led to some degree of gridlock.

And I think it would be an unacceptable if we got into gridlock and we did no business for the people simply because of judges issue.
So I guess we can put Lugar down as against the nuclear option?

I guessed wrong
When push comes to shove, however, I would not take a stand against my party's view that we should have up-or-down votes on judges and that this is a part of the filibuster thing that really needs to be settled and set aside.
Apparently the only principle required of Republicans these days is the willingness to put aside those principles in order to further the Republican agenda.

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