Perhaps It Lost Something in Translation

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Perhaps It Lost Something in Translation

Mohammed B., the man accused of murdering Dutch filmmaker, columnist, misanthrope, and provocateur Theo van Gogh, appeared in court today.

The public prosecutor's office (OM) claims B.'s brother wanted to smuggle a document out of the penitentiary hospital in Scheveningen, but B. rejected this claim. "It is more nuanced," he said, without shedding further light on the incident.

The 27-year-old Dutch-Moroccan also urged the prosecutor to be "more nuanced and professional" in future, but refused to reveal anything about the killing of Van Gogh.

As you probably know, van Gogh was apparently killed in retaliation for producing a film criticizing the treatment of women in Islam and featuring naked women with text from the Koran painted on their bodies. He was shot dead, and then a note full of fundamentalist rantings was attached to his body by means of a dagger that was thrust into his chest. I wouldn't consider that to be a particularly "nuanced" approach to the problem.

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