Papal Fallacy

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Papal Fallacy

In the past several days I have heard the phrase "the whole world mourns the pope" nearly every time I turn on the news-- be it CNN or local news.

I have news for the mainstream media. The whole world is not mourning the Pope. Catholics are mourning the Pope. People who liked the Pope are mourning the Pope. But there are plenty of us who don't really care one way or another. Guess why? We're not Catholics! Why is the mainstream media all behaving as though the whole world is Catholic and/or actively mourning the Pope? Nothing against Catholics or people who are mourning him, mind you. (Frankly, not all Catholics are mourning either.) I really loathe such lopsided, innaccurate news coverage.

Not that it matters, since we'll all be subjected to a non-stop Pope-a-polooza anyways. But after two weeks of nothing but Schiavo TV and another week or more with the news so narrowly focused on the Pope-- well, I'm really tired of it all. There are more things going on in the world than two nearly-dead people dying. It's time for an invervention. The mainstream media is clearly a on a full-blown, nothing-but-death-and-dying bender. They can't seem to help themselves.

So, by all means, report on the Pope, his life, his death and so on, after all he does matter a lot to a lot of people. But please-oh-please, not to the exclusion of everything else, ok?

Then again, once the Pope is off the front page we'll just be subjected to more Michael Jackson trial coverage. (sigh)

The media sucks.

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