Meanwhile, Bad News From Back Home ...

Monday, April 04, 2005

Meanwhile, Bad News From Back Home ...

Given how fast his approval rating is falling, the World's Biggest Asshole could use all the prayers he can get. According to a Houston Chronicle poll:
A new Houston Chronicle poll shows support for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay has slipped drastically in his district, and a majority of his constituents disapprove of how he handled the Terri Schiavo case.

Nearly 40 percent of 501 voters questioned last week said their opinion of the powerful Sugar Land Republican was less favorable than last year, compared with 11 percent who said their view of him has improved, the newspaper reported Sunday.

... 49 percent said they would vote for someone other than DeLay if a congressional election in the 22nd District were at hand. Thirty-nine percent said they would stick with him.

"There seems to be no question that there has been an erosion in support for the congressman," said John Zogby, whose polling company, Zogby International, performed the survey. "He is posting numbers that one would have to consider in the dangerous territory for an incumbent. And he isn't just an incumbent, he is a longtime incumbent."

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