Judges: God vs. Satan

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Judges: God vs. Satan

I recently received an e-mail from the Judeo-Christian Council for Constitutional Restoration, the group that recently held the "Confronting the Judicial War on Faith" conference that received so much press.

Most of that press was not particularly positive, but that doesn't mean the JCCCR is going to tone down its rhetoric
With the Conference, Vision America and the JCCCR offered a significant contribution to the judicial reform debate. Clearly the timing was orchestrated by the Lord, coming exactly one week after the tragic and totally unnecessary death of Terri Schiavo, by judge ordered starvation.
Since the conference was planned well in advance of Schiavo's death, it seems as if the JCCCR folks are claiming that God took Schiavo's life when he did primarily in order to boost their conference's attendance and profile.

But it gets better
As might be expected, as our level of activity and visibility have increased, we have come under vicious and sustained assault from liberals in the media and left-wing organizations. Activists have tried several times to shut down our website.

People for the American Way – which has worked tirelessly with groups like the ACLU, to secularize America – was scathing in its denunciation of our April 7-8 conference. On-Line Journal, another bastion of liberalism, said the event was addressed by "a veritable Who’s Who in the campaign to make the United States a hate-based theocracy."

It’s been said that a man is known as much by his enemies as his friends. With that in mind, I am honored to be reviled by such. Beloved, the forces we fight are not of this world, and Satan never gives back what he has stolen without a fight. We are in a culture war for the soul of America. Please keep us in your prayers.
Did the JCCCR just accuse People For the American Way, the ACLU, and other liberals of working for the Devil?

I think they did.

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