Frist's So Called Compromise

Friday, April 29, 2005

Frist's So Called Compromise

Sen. Frist has offered a totally meaningless "compromise" on the nuclear option in which Democrats get to filibuster for 100 hours and then get steamrolled as the GOP majority confirms all of Bush's judges over their opposition.

Frist even tries to sweeten the deal by ensuring that every judicial nominee makes it out of committee, which just so happens to be the place that the Republicans killed 50+ Clinton nominees.

How does Frist address this basic unfairness and hypocrisy? Thusly (PDF file)
The Democrat leaders regularly allege that Republicans used "anonymous" or "one-person" or "pocket" filibusters to prevent President Clinton's nominations from passing through the Judiciary Committee. Nearly every Senate Democrat who speaks on this issue has insisted that judicial nominees should receive hearings and a vote in the Judiciary Committee in a timely fashion. (See Senate debate, Nov. 12-14, 2003.)

Many Republicans disagree with Democrats' view of history and the committee process, and have noted that all Presidents (such as George H.W. Bush) have seen nominations stalled in committee. Nevertheless, Republicans are willing to put safeguards in place to guarantee that all judicial nominations can be discharged from committee and receive up-or-down votes on the Senate floor.
So Republicans deny killing Clinton's nominees in committee. But even if they did, every president has seen his nominees killed by an opposition majority in committee. But, as an olive-branch to the Democrats, the GOP now pledges not to kill its own president's nominees in committee or give the Democrats the means to do so either. And thus, every single Bush nominee is now guaranteed a Senate vote and confirmation.

That's some compromise.

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