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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Without Delay!

Can you smell it? DeLay's unethical bullshitstorm is finally gaining some strength, so much that Bush is standing up for him and Hastert is speaking out in support of the rules that were recently changed to protect DeLay from his own bullshit. (Which is exactly what we want, because when DeLay goes down then he smears his biggest fans.)

So what now? Now is the time for people to help pile it on, pundits and brave Dems should bring it up at every opportunity as evidence of how full of bullshit they all are, as we all know what direction shit goes-- it rolls downhill. Add to that all of the fun tax-dollar-funded-propaganda stories, 2005 could end up being a pretty good year.

(snapping awake)

Sorry, I just took a brief break from reality there for minute. Caught myself in a blissful daydream where DeLay gets what he so richly deserves.

I really should lay off the afternoon coffee.

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