Former Professor Eyes Santorum's Seat

Friday, February 25, 2005

Former Professor Eyes Santorum's Seat

Chuck Pennacchio is running ads on several progressive blogs to get the word out -- he's running for the Pennsylvania Senate seat held now by Rick Santorum. The seat is up in November '06.

I don't know how serious Pennacchio is, and I don't know enough about him to endorse his candidacy, but there are at least four good things I can say about him.

First, Pennacchio has experience in running an effective political campaign (which, hopefully, means he'll understand that the candidate shouldn't try to micro-manage the day-to-day tasks of a campaign.)

Second, he is an educator and is deeply involved in his community.

Third, he hasn't held elected political office -- an advantage since GOP tacticians won't have a series of procedural votes that they can misrepresent to voters.

The fourth "good thing"? He's running against Santorum, a smug senator whose views might be in sync with voters in Alabama, but not in Pennsylvania.

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