DeLay's Teflon May be Wearing Thin

Friday, February 25, 2005

DeLay's Teflon May be Wearing Thin

Apparently there is this silly rule in the House that stipulates that members can't have lobbyists pay for their travel expenses. Allegedly DeLay, his wife and some of his friends got their $13,000+ bill at the Four Seasons in London paid for by a lobbyist-- Jack Abramoff-- the very same Texas lobbyist that is under investigation for his lobbying efforts in Texas and his cozy relationship with Tom DeLay. Plus, there's more.
The Journal will also report that a little known conservative thinktank on whose board Abramoff served paid for another facet of the same trip. The Center for National Publicy Policy research picked up a hefty $70,000 tab–including $28,000 for DeLay and his wife, and $28,000 for DeLay’s then-chief of staff.
Nahhh...all those ethics violations investigations in Texas and in the House against The World's Biggest Asshole* are all just a partisan political game, right?

Thanks to the Raw Story for head's up!

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