Palin's Couric Interview

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Palin's Couric Interview

In a word-- scary. Some other words come to mind as well, like mindbogglingly ignorant. Palin actually believes that she's qualified and ready to be VP so that makes her kneenockingly arrogant as well. Palin's interview was like watching a 7th grader do a book report and they haven't read the book. They stand there, visibly frustrated, trying to bs their way through it and failing miserably. She wasn't even coherent in most of her answers. She doesn't even have the most rudimentary political skills-- if you don't know the answer STOP TALKING. Say something vague and change the subject to something you do know something about.

If Obama doesn't win I am prepared to secede individually. I will declare my house and its land a foreign, independent nation. Seriously.

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