How to Undo McCain/Palin

Monday, September 08, 2008

How to Undo McCain/Palin

It's all about the "maverick."

McCain/Palin are branding themselves with the SAME BRAND. It is the hollow label they are both using to separate themselves from the GOP and Bush. It's the key to taking them BOTH out with the same attack. They're NOT mavericks, they're both full of crap.

That "maverick" brand is a fake and needs to be shredded-- neither one of them are mavericks. They're just packaging-- like when a product stays the same but calls itself "new and improved" to pretend it's something new. Don't fall for it, Mavericks = Pretenders

Obama needs to push them on that label, something along the lines of this:

A simple McCain v. McCain ad. The Daily Show already did a preview of it last week, showing how McCain has taken polar opposite views between now and 2000. First he was against overturning Roe, now he wants it overturned and so on.

Attack Palin on her bridge to nowhere garbage and her love of pork. The maverick label is meaningless. She's just more of the McSame.

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