A Good Weekend for Obama

Monday, February 19, 2007

A Good Weekend for Obama

Mike Allen of The Politico reports:
At the annual Jefferson-Jackson Dinner of the Democratic Party of Virginia on Saturday, the Hillary Clinton signs and bumper stickers were free, as were “I’m in to Win” buttons featuring the New York senator. But “Obama ’08 Gear” was for sale – T-shirt, $20; button, $10; sign, $5. And he had a lot more takers than she did . . .

Party officials say their previous record for the dinner was 1,400 seats. But after Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois was announced as the keynote speaker, sales ballooned and the party kept expanding the dinner until it had space for 3,200 at the Greater Richmond Convention Center.

A few hours before the dinner, Obama and Gov. Tim Kaine met reporters on the front porch of the Executive Mansion .... Obama had campaigned for Kaine, who was now returning the favor by becoming the first governor outside of Obama’s home state of Illinois to endorse his presidential candidacy.

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