"Appeasement" Nonsense

Friday, February 16, 2007

"Appeasement" Nonsense

Well, it's official — Rep. Vito Fossella (R-N.Y.) has drunk the Koolaid.

Congressman Fossella just left the House floor after delivering his 5-minute speech on House Concurrent Resolution 63, the anti-Iraq surge resolution. But the remarks he delivered a few minutes ago left me wondering whether he was speaking to the Munich accord of 1938.

"Appeasement does not work," Fossella said. And your point would be . . . . what?

According to Fossella's twisted way of thinking, for Congress to oppose the so-called Iraq war "surge" — this would be the 5th surge, actually — would "break the promise" we made to 9/11 victims. Huh?

Which promise was that? Who the hell promised the victims of 9/11 a "surge" four years into the Iraq war?

I cannot see how 9/11 victims would be comforted to know that we invaded a country with no meaningful link to the al Qaeda terrorists who killed them.

And, even if such a promise was made by Fossella or anyone else, no individual's off-the-cuff promise should dictate how a nation conducts its foreign or military affairs.

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