SOTU Post Mortem

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

SOTU Post Mortem

I watched the speech at a great local pub with Pittsburgh's chapter of Drinking Liberally.

Just a few comments:

* Suddenly Bush cares about balancing the budget? earmarks? reigning in spending? That's pure comedy.

* No mention whatsoever of Katrina or New Orleans/Gulf Coast recovery.

* I realized how hard it must be to sit behind Bush for 51 minutes and try not to show any emotion-- basically all Nancy Pelosi did was blink *a lot.*

* Who arranged it so that Obama was sitting right in front of Hillary?

* The long screenshot of Condi looking as miserable as ever was priceless.

* The moment where Bush and Cheney took a drink of water at the exact same time-- it really made Bush look like Cheney's ventriloquist dummy.

* Bush is still as smirky as ever.

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