Fred Barnes, the Lonely Cheerleader

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Fred Barnes, the Lonely Cheerleader

If there's any venue in the media where the president's "surge" plan was sure to receive positive reviews, you'd have assumed it would be a Fox News panel. But, last night, Fred Barnes was the only cheerleader to be found during Fox News' post-speech discussion.

Morton Kondracke said Bush and the public seem far apart on Iraq. Bill Kristol was disappointed that the president didn't use the word "war" more often during his speech. (I kid you not -- that was Kristol's major whine.)

Barnes offered an analogy to explain his support for Bush's new plan -- what if the U.S. government had walked away from West Germany in 1949 or had withdrawn its troops and sought a "political" solution with the Confederacy in 1864.

But panel host Brit Hume quickly dismissed Barnes' analogy. The analogy "falters," said Hume, because the U.S. government's success in those other two conflicts wasn't premised on the promises of a regime (the Maliki government) that has no credibility.

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